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5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

Hullo, world! It’s Wednesday again. (For some strange reason, I kept thinking it was still Tuesday.) Sadly, we’ve lost all the sunshine and it’s back to being Rain-couver. Very sad.  Today, I will share with you my 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads (+1!) I actually don’t really read contemporary books so much, so I had… Continue reading 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

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Welcome to the Doms! (WIP + Camp NaNoWriMo update)

Happy (Early) Mother’s Day! Honestly, there’s so much happening right now that I am so glad I have my mother with me. She’s the most amazing homeschool mom that I know of, and when I grow up, I want to be just like her. (I could write a whole another blog post on this topic.)… Continue reading Welcome to the Doms! (WIP + Camp NaNoWriMo update)

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The Quarantined Characters Tag

Hullo, world! It’s another bright spring day, and I have found just the thing for you people shut up inside the house.  Announcing: The Quarantined Characters Tag! This tag was first developed by Kelly, and I found the tag via Merie Shen’s blog. A big shoutout to the two of them! Basically, in this tag,… Continue reading The Quarantined Characters Tag



The Go-To Stats: Status: Outlining, Brainstorming Word Count: (38K)Aiming for 100K Genre: Psychological Sci-fi Audience: Young Adult Feat: Libraries + Coffee Boys + Mental Illness Elektriem Pinterest Board Story Under Construction and Revision Character Collages I actually couldn’t find the exact likeness, but this’ll do… Don’t ask me why there’s a railroad track. I just… Continue reading Elektriem


Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)

Stats: Word Count: 158 K, Editing Genre: Science Fiction Audience: Young Adult Feat: Genius + Intelligence Organisations + Levels J1100 Pinterest Board Definition: 1st Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly Lisa–a genius who wastes her time getting kicked out of schools Example: “How scintillating that you feel the urge… Continue reading Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)