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Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

Hullo, world! It’s October, meaning all the leaves light up like illuminations, then promptly fall within a week. Alas, such is autumn in Canada.  Today, I’m back for my monthly installation of Author Health. So far we’ve looked at the importance of family and authors, and discussed a little about my rather chaotic life as… Continue reading Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

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September Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good Afternoon!(or Good Evening...) Ever since I’ve gotten back into blogging this month, I was looking forward to today! As you probably already know, I love this Afternoon Tea series.  Okay, are you ready? Today, we are situated on a comfy couch filled with cushions in a spacious and airy living room. Our dog, Strawberry,… Continue reading September Afternoon Tea with SJ

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5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)

Hullo, world! I must convey to you how happy I am to be writing this post. In the month I took a rest from blogging, I realised just how much I missed it. I’ve actually been blogging for almost five years counting my Japanese and science blogs, and blogging is one thing that sparks joy… Continue reading 5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)

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Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Well, I’m back. I do so apologise that I dropped off the blog-sphere with but a few lines of an ominous message saying I’ll be “on a hitout”.  As I explained in that post, the end of July had been where everything seemed to have caught up with me.  So in today’s post, I’ll be… Continue reading Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)


Author Health: Why Authors Need Families

Hullo, world! I am still under the weather, but I am out of bed, which is what counts! Despite the grey and oppressive sky we are under, there are still things to be thankful for. (e.g. crispy and juicy sausages for breakfast, the always heartfelt chocolate mini croissants with powdered sugar) And please don’t ask… Continue reading Author Health: Why Authors Need Families


July Update + Behind the Blogger Tag

Happy Canada Day! I kind of miss the parade, and it’s grey again, but we’ll still make most of the day left. Today I have a somewhat important announcement to make, and I get to share a fun tag!  July Update For starters, I’ll be taking a break on the Wednesday posts for this month.… Continue reading July Update + Behind the Blogger Tag

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June Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon! I can scarcely believe that this time of the month had already rolled around: It’s afternoon tea with SJ!  For today, we will be situated in a sun-bathed attic. Everything is constructed of wood, and it’s the kind of warm wood that has patterns in them which resembles a Victorian storybook illustration. There… Continue reading June Afternoon Tea with SJ

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Happy First Blogiversary!

Hullo, world! I have waited so long for this day to arrive. *insert dramatic fanfares* It’s my first blogiversary!  Admittedly, I had completely forgotten the exact date I started blogging halfway into this year, and someone had a blogiversary which reminded me, “Hey, when was it that I started blogging?” Thankfully, WordPress is better at… Continue reading Happy First Blogiversary!

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5 Things To Do When Your Story is Stuck

Hullo, world! It’s another brilliant Wednesday morning. We are finally done with gloomy rainy days and back in sunshine mode here on the west coast. Ever since (two days) I started waking up at the time I used to, God has blessed the day with the most dazzling weather. Mayhaps all I need to do… Continue reading 5 Things To Do When Your Story is Stuck