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5 Favourite Tea Companies + WIP Update

Hullo, world! Last week I wrote a post that was kind of heavy and actually took many tries for me to write...And I’m glad I did.Β  But for this week, I think I’ll settle for something light and fluffy. πŸ˜‰ The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, but that’s just the timing for it to… Continue reading 5 Favourite Tea Companies + WIP Update

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April’s Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon to you! Thank you for joining me in the third installation of β€œAfternoon Tea with SJ”. It is always a pleasure for me to have you for my tea.  Today, we’ll be having a spring-themed tea!  To start with, imagine that we are sitting in a brightly lit sunroom directly adjacent to the… Continue reading April’s Afternoon Tea with SJ