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Woodstone Abbey

The Go-To Stats: Status: Outlining, Brainstorming Word Count: 79K/ Aiming for 100K+ Genre: Science Fantasy Audience: Young Adult Woodstone Abbey Pinterest Board Story, &c. Woodstone Abbey is a prestigious institution of the Arts--or magic, as our world calls it. It is located in the World Next Doors, and one can enter it only by divine intervention...S.… Continue reading Woodstone Abbey


Elijacomb Alexei Fleur the Seventeenth

Okay, so this is not set in stone yet, but I already love this story idea, so I'll try to get into it. It all depends on what I'll do for NaNoWriMo. The Go-To Stats: Status: Outlining, Brainstorming Word Count: Aiming for 80K+ Genre: Fantasci? Audience: Middlegrade Elijacomb Pinterest Board The thing is, I'm not entirely… Continue reading Elijacomb Alexei Fleur the Seventeenth


Elektriem (The Less-Temporary Title)

The Go-To Stats: Status: Outlining, Brainstorming Word Count: (38K)Aiming for 100K+ Genre: Science Fiction Audience: Young Adult Elektriem Pinterest Board Story Under Construction and Revision Character Collages I actually couldn’t find the exact likeness, but this’ll do… Don’t ask me why there’s a railroad track. I just like the idea. The arsonist! The ship is… Continue reading Elektriem (The Less-Temporary Title)


Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)

Stats (Because we love logical things before the nonesense of the book): Word Count: 158 K, Editing Genre: Science Fiction (Obviously) Audience: Young Adult J1100 Pinterest Board Definition: 1st Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly Lisa–a genius who wastes her time getting kicked out of schools Example: “How scintillating… Continue reading Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)