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April Afternoon Tea with SJ + Camp NaNo Update

Good afternoon!  I’m finally (?) back again for April Afternoon Tea with SJ! (Hopefully I won’t jinx this one…)  It feels a little odd since I took a short hitout, but even during that short amount of time, so much has happened I don’t know where to start… Just to begin with, imagine you’re sitting… Continue reading April Afternoon Tea with SJ + Camp NaNo Update

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February Afternoon Tea w/ SJ + The Liebster Award

Good afternoon! It’s that time of the month again, except February is a special’s been officially one year since I began the Afternoon Tea series! *inserts fanfare and cheers and  confettis*  Reading back from February a year ago, I can’t believe how so many things changed. Also, I really want to go back in… Continue reading February Afternoon Tea w/ SJ + The Liebster Award

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5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

Hullo, world! It’s Wednesday again. (For some strange reason, I kept thinking it was still Tuesday.) Sadly, we’ve lost all the sunshine and it’s back to being Rain-couver. Very sad.  Today, I will share with you my 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads (+1!) I actually don’t really read contemporary books so much, so I had… Continue reading 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

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May Afternoon Tea with SJ + Bujo!

Good afternoon! As you can see, I’ve slightly recovered from my battle with the influenza. (At least well enough to sit up on my bed.) Today, we’ll be doing something a little unconventional. Since I’m still feeling woozy from the past week of high fevers, we’ll be having tea out in the front porch, where… Continue reading May Afternoon Tea with SJ + Bujo!

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10 Fantastical Books to Read at Home

Hullo, world!  It’s back to the rainy seasons again...The sunshine was good while it lasted! How are you hanging in while this quarantine seems to drag on forever? I’m trying to wolf down my pile of books, but I have been sloshing off the classics I’m supposed to be reading and have been reading YA...Let’s… Continue reading 10 Fantastical Books to Read at Home

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Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon, and thank you for joining me in this tea time. For those of you who don’t know, I’m your host SJ, the bibliomaniac. I have just started a new monthly series where I sit down with a tea set and gracefully communicate with you my month. (I’ve seen others doing this, and it… Continue reading Afternoon Tea with SJ