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Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

Hullo, world! It’s October, meaning all the leaves light up like illuminations, then promptly fall within a week. Alas, such is autumn in Canada.  Today, I’m back for my monthly installation of Author Health. So far we’ve looked at the importance of family and authors, and discussed a little about my rather chaotic life as… Continue reading Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

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September Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good Afternoon!(or Good Evening...) Ever since I’ve gotten back into blogging this month, I was looking forward to today! As you probably already know, I love this Afternoon Tea series.  Okay, are you ready? Today, we are situated on a comfy couch filled with cushions in a spacious and airy living room. Our dog, Strawberry,… Continue reading September Afternoon Tea with SJ

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5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)

Hullo, world! I must convey to you how happy I am to be writing this post. In the month I took a rest from blogging, I realised just how much I missed it. I’ve actually been blogging for almost five years counting my Japanese and science blogs, and blogging is one thing that sparks joy… Continue reading 5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)

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Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Well, I’m back. I do so apologise that I dropped off the blog-sphere with but a few lines of an ominous message saying I’ll be “on a hitout”.  As I explained in that post, the end of July had been where everything seemed to have caught up with me.  So in today’s post, I’ll be… Continue reading Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)


July Update + Behind the Blogger Tag

Happy Canada Day! I kind of miss the parade, and it’s grey again, but we’ll still make most of the day left. Today I have a somewhat important announcement to make, and I get to share a fun tag!  July Update For starters, I’ll be taking a break on the Wednesday posts for this month.… Continue reading July Update + Behind the Blogger Tag

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June Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon! I can scarcely believe that this time of the month had already rolled around: It’s afternoon tea with SJ!  For today, we will be situated in a sun-bathed attic. Everything is constructed of wood, and it’s the kind of warm wood that has patterns in them which resembles a Victorian storybook illustration. There… Continue reading June Afternoon Tea with SJ