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Welcome to the Doms! (WIP + Camp NaNoWriMo update)

Happy (Early) Mother’s Day! Honestly, there’s so much happening right now that I am so glad I have my mother with me. She’s the most amazing homeschool mom that I know of, and when I grow up, I want to be just like her. (I could write a whole another blog post on this topic.)… Continue reading Welcome to the Doms! (WIP + Camp NaNoWriMo update)


Elijacomb Alexei Fleur the Seventeenth

The Go-To Stats: Status: Draft 1.0 Word Count: 20K/Aiming for 80K+ Genre: Soft Sci-fi Audience: Middlegrade Feat: Violist + Children's Organisation + Science Experiments Elijacomb Pinterest Board The thing is, I'm not entirely sure how the story will work out. Yet. For now, I'll share the rough character sketches I came up with. Definition: Elijacomb… Continue reading Elijacomb Alexei Fleur the Seventeenth