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12 Classic Loves Collab with Samantha

Hi guys!  Surprise! I’m not SJ.  I’m Samantha (or Sam, up to you), and I blog at Bookshire, where I talk about books, from reviews and analyses of habits of the reading and writing world, to digressing into flash fiction and raving about my favorite books (and occasionally movies). I’m so grateful that SJ suggested… Continue reading 12 Classic Loves Collab with Samantha

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7 + 1 Favourite Superpowered Books + Movies

Hullo, world! I’m so excited today (again) because Raincouver has been sunny for two days in a row in winter!! *shrieks A#5* Also, I rediscovered my love for Bach’s Brandenburg concerto 3 and have been swapping the three viola parts with my siblings, which is immensely fun even if you’re missing the cellos and the… Continue reading 7 + 1 Favourite Superpowered Books + Movies

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The Narnia Tag

Happy Thanksgiving! To those of you in America confused, Thanksgiving in Canada is a month early, since if we harvested crops in November, there’d be nothing left to harvest but snow and ice. Also, we eat chicken stuffed with rice, quinoa, and veggies. (That’s just my family’s thing. As we’re Japanese, we’re not really a… Continue reading The Narnia Tag