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Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

Hullo, world! It’s October, meaning all the leaves light up like illuminations, then promptly fall within a week. Alas, such is autumn in Canada.  Today, I’m back for my monthly installation of Author Health. So far we’ve looked at the importance of family and authors, and discussed a little about my rather chaotic life as… Continue reading Author Health: 5 Self Care I Like to Do

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5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)

Hullo, world! I must convey to you how happy I am to be writing this post. In the month I took a rest from blogging, I realised just how much I missed it. I’ve actually been blogging for almost five years counting my Japanese and science blogs, and blogging is one thing that sparks joy… Continue reading 5 Ways to Write (Without Actually Writing)


Author Health: Why Authors Need Families

Hullo, world! I am still under the weather, but I am out of bed, which is what counts! Despite the grey and oppressive sky we are under, there are still things to be thankful for. (e.g. crispy and juicy sausages for breakfast, the always heartfelt chocolate mini croissants with powdered sugar) And please don’t ask… Continue reading Author Health: Why Authors Need Families

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My Thoughts on The June Boys

Hullo, world! Only three more days until my blogiversary...I am counting down the days.  We had a few days of sunshine, and now it’s back to the thick grey clouds and dripping rain. Oh, well. I suppose rainy days are nice in their own ways.  Today, I will be sharing My Thoughts on The June… Continue reading My Thoughts on The June Boys

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5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

Hullo, world! It’s Wednesday again. (For some strange reason, I kept thinking it was still Tuesday.) Sadly, we’ve lost all the sunshine and it’s back to being Rain-couver. Very sad.  Today, I will share with you my 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads (+1!) I actually don’t really read contemporary books so much, so I had… Continue reading 5 Favourite Contemporary YA Reads

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10 Fantastical Books to Read at Home

Hullo, world!  It’s back to the rainy seasons again...The sunshine was good while it lasted! How are you hanging in while this quarantine seems to drag on forever? I’m trying to wolf down my pile of books, but I have been sloshing off the classics I’m supposed to be reading and have been reading YA...Let’s… Continue reading 10 Fantastical Books to Read at Home

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The Unofficial Guide to Love Writing When it Hurts

Hullo, World! Today I’ll be writing to conclude the mini series, Love, Author. With everything shut down (even the library!), I didn’t have to go anywhere in a rush or have to balance school work with my millions of activities (research, karate, music school, etc.). Which was good. Actually, more than good…(Secretly hoping every week… Continue reading The Unofficial Guide to Love Writing When it Hurts

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Stalking Authors: Astrid Lindgren

Hej! Hur är läget? In case you didn't understand, this is the Swedish way of greeting--Hello, what's up? And the reason I'm attempting Swedish is quite simply because.... The author I'm stalking today is Astrid Lindgren! Not many people I’ve talked to are Lindgren-enthusiasts. So the first thing to do is introduce who this amazing… Continue reading Stalking Authors: Astrid Lindgren