May Afternoon Tea with SJ + Bujo!

Good afternoon!

As you can see, I’ve slightly recovered from my battle with the influenza. (At least well enough to sit up on my bed.) Today, we’ll be doing something a little unconventional.

Since I’m still feeling woozy from the past week of high fevers, we’ll be having tea out in the front porch, where I’ve set up a recliner for me and some nice wicker chairs stuffed with cushions for you. From where we are situated, we can observe the quiet street in front of us and the neighbouring gardens all verdant and luscious. A quiet wind flutters in our faces. We’re having various mint teas from a glass teapot, and simple finger foods like vegetable sticks with miso-mayonnaise. 


Here we go…

Easy Guide to Bujo:

May brought many unexpected changes, and it also brought me bujo. For those of you who do not know, bujo is short for bullet journal, something I have been obsessed with as of late. I sat down one day and thought, “I’m not getting things done either with my Google calendar or calendar blocking. Perchance I need a third method…” 

And voila! 

I had a bullet journal created in one afternoon, and I will not be going back to life without it. 

It’s quite simple to create (in fact, it only takes you one afternoon), so let me show you just how you can do that…

1: Cover 

You start with a right turn page in your notebook, where you create a cover. Mine looks kind of hastily done, because it was done hastily, but it doesn’t have to be super opulent or anything. You just need a page telling you which month is starting. 

2: Monthly Spread 

This is probably the page that takes the most time. You should probably use a ruler when creating this page, as that gives you a nicer, crisper look. You can add Goals of the Month and Notes like I did, or use up the entire space for the spread. 

3: Weekly Spread + Everything Else 

Next comes the Weekly Spread. This is the most practical thing about bujo, where you fill in daily goals with a little tick box next to it after you finish. You can also add pages for things like Mood Tracker, Music, and Book/Movie list. I also added a Prayer list at the end. 

This month, I listened to songs like:

  1. セカイはまだ始まってすらいない (The World Hasn’t Even Started Yet)–PinocchioP
  2. Little Astronaut, Big Dreams.–Dreamy
  3. さよなら、僕のヒーロー (Goodbye, My Hero)–傘村トータ/Tota Kasamura
  4. いのちの食べ方 (How to Eat Life)–Eve
  5. Brigg Fair, An English Rhapsody–Frederick Delius
  6. 豚になってyeah yeah (Become Pig yeah yeah)–Neru
  7. YELLOW–神山羊/Yoh Kamiyama
  8. Coppélia–Léo Delibes

(I know, I know, I’m a weird person. I listen to classical music and vocaloid and lofi.)

I watched a grand total of six movies, all of them Japanese:

  1. 帝一の國 (Teichi no Kuni)
  2. 太平洋の奇跡 (Pacific’s Miracle–The Man they Called Fox)
  3. 君の膵臓をたべたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas)
  4. 日日是好日 (Nichi-nichi-kore-koujitsu)
  5. 恋は雨上がりのように (After the Rain)

For May, I managed to read 13 books! Finally got back on reading over ten books a month!

  1. A Winter’s Promise–Christelle Dabos
  2. My Plain Jane–Fland, Meadows, Ashton
  3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–Ransom Riggs
  4. What I Like About You–Marisa Kanter
  5. Wayward Son–Rainbow Rowell
  6. The Wicked King–Holly Black
  7. The Great Divorce–C. S. Lewis
  8. As Many Nows as I Can Get–Shana Youngdahl
  9. The June Boys–Court Stevens
  10. Wilder Girls–Rory Power
  11. Bridge of Clay–Markus Zusak
  12. Suggested Reading–Dave Connis
  13. Sorcery of Thorns–Margaret Rogerson

And right now, I am reading The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. 

And that’s it.  Bujo is a super fun and easy way to keep track of where all your time goes and help you be more aware of yourself. (When adequately motivated enough, I can read more, pay attention to where time goes, and listen to music I love!) I wrote around 30K+ for my WIP and short stories that I wrote for various contests. Hoping to get more writing done next month!

Thank you for joining me for a brief tea and bujo session. Quite enjoyed it!

What are some things you did this May? Do you bujo? If so, has it helped you stay more focused? What are some media you enjoyed this month? Let me know in the comments below; I love chatting with you!

Vocaloid, Shostakovich, and the Wonder of Heist Music

Today, dear comrades, is a special day. It’s not special in a sense I am almost behind on my blog post, but as a day that commemorates a very important invention I encountered in my life. And that is Vocaloid. It’s Hatsune Miku’s 12th anniversary! *squeals in delight despite the fact no one would understand*

For those of you (which I should assume to be most of you) who don’t know, Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer developed by Yamaha. To simplify a somewhat complicated computer program for the un-technical people out there, it basically works by inputting words that are lyrics and the notes to each of those, and voila! It sings!

Anyhow, I’m not here to explain Vocaloid in detail. Or Shostakovich, one of my favourite “classical” composers. I am here to share my love of music and how it has aided my writing, ignoring the fact I’m mingling my favourite thing post with writing posts. (I mean, music is worth a thousand words sometimes. Not that I plan to put writers out of business or place them in an identity crisis.

Writers have differing attitudes towards listening to music while writing. While some people hate the idea of having sound in their ears while they are trying to create their own sound, I shall move on with the assumption that listening to music is very much beneficial towards writing. Since I usually expend all of my logical debating skills battling my brother, I won’t be coming up with explanations as to why you should listen to music whilst you write. I shall merely rant about my personal experience as such, and you, dear comrades, can decide the rest.

1: The Use of A Noise Blocker

Better explained as a means of concentration, I have found that music for me helps block out the “noise” around me when I write. Of course, I don’t mean to say that my family living is a noise, but sometimes I really need the focus…and less living sounds. I use this at moderation, since I don’t want to be left behind if the house burns down while I write. And significant volume can cause permanent ear damage, so I usually only use low volumes.

2: Inspirational Energy Source

I may or may not have told you before, but I ended up writing close to 10K+ on the last day of NaNoWriMo last year. (Or maybe it was more like 15K+…) The only reason I attribute being able to do this was the super dark, epic, and heartbreaking classical and Vocaloid music I had compiled earlier. Really, when all else fails, you should try running your writing on pure music that suits the mood of your story. It’s like having constant sugar high, and my siblings can attest to you how much like an overlord you’d end up at the end of the day, laughing maniacally and talking to yourself. Or you can try writing the climax to La Traviata Brindisi and Mozart’s Twinkle variations. That also works, if you want to be that kind of insane writer.

3: It’s Nice, Afterall

And all in all, music is a nice companion to the lonely writer. Although I mostly profess an instrumental approach, you can still converse with the music whilst you write. I am a Liztomania and a Bibliomaniac. That should excuse me enough from listening to music and writing at the same time. Additionally, I take John Cage’s approach that music is hidden in life, so to all those non-music people out there, I should still say you can listen to music while you write.

Do you like to listen to music while writing? Are you a “classical” music person? Let me know below! Until next time, dear comrades! (And forgive my tardiness. I was sick.)