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My 12 Christmas List

Hullo, world!  Can you believe we’re less than a week until Christmas? (I can’t and I can.) 2020 has been this weird, convoluted and longish short year that will stay in my memory as a pivotal time. And even though I probably won’t see many people other than my immediate family this Christmas, it will… Continue reading My 12 Christmas List

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How I Make Character Playlists (Collab w/Brooke)

Hello, everyone! Hello, everyone! My name is Brooke from :: words in her soul :: I blog about writing, indie publishing, books, and mental health! Huge thank you to SJ for having me on her blog today! Today I’m talking about character playlists. Now, we all have our writing playlists that we love to make… Continue reading How I Make Character Playlists (Collab w/Brooke)

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May Afternoon Tea with SJ + Bujo!

Good afternoon! As you can see, I’ve slightly recovered from my battle with the influenza. (At least well enough to sit up on my bed.) Today, we’ll be doing something a little unconventional. Since I’m still feeling woozy from the past week of high fevers, we’ll be having tea out in the front porch, where… Continue reading May Afternoon Tea with SJ + Bujo!

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Vocaloid, Shostakovich, and the Wonder of Heist Music

Today, dear comrades, is a special day. It's not special in a sense I am almost behind on my blog post, but as a day that commemorates a very important invention I encountered in my life. And that is Vocaloid. It's Hatsune Miku's 12th anniversary! *squeals in delight despite the fact no one would understand*… Continue reading Vocaloid, Shostakovich, and the Wonder of Heist Music