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Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Well, I’m back. I do so apologise that I dropped off the blog-sphere with but a few lines of an ominous message saying I’ll be “on a hitout”.  As I explained in that post, the end of July had been where everything seemed to have caught up with me.  So in today’s post, I’ll be… Continue reading Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Hitouts Notice

Hullo, everyone! You might have noticed that I haven’t been able to post much last week or even this week. I turned down a super exciting blog tour I was going to do. It’s because I’ve decided to take a break. As I mentioned in the first post this month, my mental health has not… Continue reading Hitouts Notice

June Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon! I can scarcely believe that this time of the month had already rolled around: It’s afternoon tea with SJ!  For today, we will be situated in a sun-bathed attic. Everything is constructed of wood, and it’s the kind of warm wood that has patterns in them which resembles a Victorian storybook illustration. There… Continue reading June Afternoon Tea with SJ

Happy First Blogiversary!

Hullo, world! I have waited so long for this day to arrive. *insert dramatic fanfares* It’s my first blogiversary!  Admittedly, I had completely forgotten the exact date I started blogging halfway into this year, and someone had a blogiversary which reminded me, “Hey, when was it that I started blogging?” Thankfully, WordPress is better at… Continue reading Happy First Blogiversary!


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