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Happy Thanksgiving! To those of you in America confused, Thanksgiving in Canada is a month early, since if we harvested crops in November, there’d be nothing left to harvest but snow and ice. Also, we eat chicken stuffed with rice, quinoa, and veggies. (That’s just my family’s thing. As we’re Japanese, we’re not really a… Continue reading The Narnia Tag

Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Well, I’m back. I do so apologise that I dropped off the blog-sphere with but a few lines of an ominous message saying I’ll be “on a hitout”.  As I explained in that post, the end of July had been where everything seemed to have caught up with me.  So in today’s post, I’ll be… Continue reading Author Health: Life…(I’m back from hitouts + Major Announcements)

Hitouts Notice

Hullo, everyone! You might have noticed that I haven’t been able to post much last week or even this week. I turned down a super exciting blog tour I was going to do. It’s because I’ve decided to take a break. As I mentioned in the first post this month, my mental health has not… Continue reading Hitouts Notice


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