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S. J. Barnard

The Author of this blog

Jane Maree

My very first writing mentor–my senpai and shishou!


Otherwise known as Danielle, may you Rest In Peace.

Another Book in the Wall

Kelly, the zealous bibliophile

Imperial Scribis

Merie, the 100% Chinese and 100% Korean space princess

Project Inspire

By Jenna Terese, who also blogs about writing on JT!

Starlight Strands

The wonderful Ash Ronnel, a hufflepuff with fun sparkly vibes!

Creative Girl’s Everything Blog

The Meg of five sisters, crocheteer and team blue!

Lrose 5’s Poetry

The above Creative Girl on poetry

Words In Her Soul

Author of How We Rise and rep for authors + mental health

Beginner Photographer

Fellow Christian homeschooler and photographer!

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