Hi, I’m SJ Barnard,
an aspiring author, homeschool grad, and bibliomaniac.

About Me:

– My Favourite Things –

☆ C. S. Lewis

☆ Classical books & music

☆ Bullet journal

☆ Earl Grey & Tea of all kinds

☆ Studio Ghibli

☆ Japan & All things Japanese (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧


“Quick Facts”


+ Ravenclaw

+ Enneagram 5

+ Japanese-Canadian

+ Homeschool grad

Things to Expect on SJ Barnard:

I. Author Health post at the beginning of the month feat. authors + mental health + writing

II. Writing Life post on the 2nd week feat. personal writing updates + community writing updates (like book launches!!)

III. Books & Media post on the 3rd week feat. book lists, movie recs & more!

IV. Afternoon tea post on the last week of the month feat. a time to sit down with a cup of tea (or two) and reflect on the month with me ୧꒰*´꒳`*꒱૭✧

“This blog is a wardrobe full of worlds.”

SJ Barnard