February Afternoon Tea w/ SJ + The Liebster Award

Good afternoon!

It’s that time of the month again, except February is a special one…it’s been officially one year since I began the Afternoon Tea series! *inserts fanfare and cheers and  confettis* 

Reading back from February a year ago, I can’t believe how so many things changed. Also, I really want to go back in time and hug myself circa 2020. It’s okay, me. You’ll get through this. *ends self-care session*

Today, we’ll go back to the cabin in the mountains, except it’s howling outside. There’s a warm fire crackling in the huge fireplace, there’s plenty of blankets and pillows to go around, and from the sunroom in the back, we can see nothing but whiteness. There are little potted plants on the window sills with name tags that read: Oliver, Calder, Amity, and John 9th. We’ve got an assortment of fruit tea, macaroons, and yoghurt cakes with berries. 

Are you ready? 

Here we go…

Mini-February Update

I’m drinking berry tea with a side of boxed macaroons set. And if you’re wondering why today it’s a mini update, it’s because I was tagged for the Liebster Award! So obviously, I’ve got to leave some room at the end. 


This month was a really weird reading month. I read 13 books, which is significantly less than my reading goal, but February is short. I also have been ditching my Omnibus list and haven’t finished them all…But, I did meet other great books, and Canterbury tales is seriously graphic like it should be labelled R18 so all’s well that ends well. I’m currently juggling between Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Travels of Marco Polo, and The Iliad. 


I actually have zero memory of what happened academically…wait, now that I think about it, lots have happened. 


I applied to one of the universities under visual arts but had forgotten about it, and got a notice a week before the deadline to submit my portfolio. The only serious art I’ve done was back in 10th grade, and everything after that was lieu manga style which wasn’t accepted, so I had to scramble and put together something that hopefully screamed MODERN ART!!!


I have a driver’s test coming up at the beginning of March and have been practising for evah. I failed the last two tests, but BC is super strict because you should see us all driving yet I hope I’ll make it this time around. Super stressed, but I think that’s normal. 


Because I was suddenly busy conjuring up art portfolios, mashing up artist statements, trying to ignore my less than perfect transcript, learning to drive like I have confidence &c., writing has been slow for the month. I wrote a grand total of 10K in Elijacomb, but it’s a middle grade and why should I take it too seriously? 

Yes, I landed there. 

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to not take your writing seriously. 

So I promptly hurled my WIP out the window and began a new and shiny idea ™. I know, sacrilegious, but we all must make ends meet. 


Life has been pretty normal. My mental health has improved greatly now that I take a lengthy time each morning for personal devotions. Oh, and I went skiing, which was fun! I was telling my mom and sister how bad I am skiing and on the day they were like: “You betrayed our trust!” Which was kind of funny. I did think I couldn’t ski well. 

With that being said, care to refill your cup? How about Mandarin orange and honey tea? Or raspberry green tea? Better yet, try this lavender macaroon. It’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Okay, now that we’re settled, let’s move on to the Liebster award segment! 

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thanks, Ariella!)
  • Answer the eleven questions he/she asked.
  • Nominate eleven more bloggers for the award.
  • Make sure they know you nominated them.
  • And ask your eleven nominated bloggers eleven questions.

The Questions:

1. What is your current favourite book/series, and why?

I’ve got to say, A Series of Unfortunate Events and All the Wrong Questions. My obsession with Lemony Snicket started around October last year, and ever since I can’t seem to stop advertising his books. I guess I’m into noir children’s lit??

I really, really want to watch the TV series as well…

2. What are your favourite genres to read and write?

Are you telling me to cut off my limbs?? 

Jokes aside, I’ve been re-reading my WIPs as of late and have come to this startling discovery: All of my stories have some sort of conspiracy and academia vibes in them. Also, ever since I found out dark academia was a thing, I’ve been going down that road. Considering everything, I think I like literary fiction of any genres, and especially books with lots of conspiracy and dark organisations with classy vibes. Go figure. 

3. What is your favourite fandom?

Narnia, for starters…And I’ve got to say, Marvel, even though I haven’t watched all the movies yet and started the movies from Endgame (I know, that’s not how you’re supposed to do it). 

Also, Anne with an E even though it has several problems with it. The casting was perfect, and I’m so sad they’re not continuing with it. Like, how come they never, ever, make it to Anne of the Island??? That’s the best part, y’all. 

This Marilla, tho. You just can’t help it. XD

4. Would you rather bring one of your characters to this world for a day or visit your favourite book world for a day?

Visit my fav. book world in a heartbeat. Why should I miss an opportunity to get to Narnia?

Me: Never miss a chance to get to Narnia.

5. What is your favourite kind of character to write or read about?

I love reading/writing intelligent and bent characters. Or weird ones. (It tells you already what kind of person I really am.)

6. Do you prefer coffee or tea? (Or something else?)

Tea forever. There’s a reason I host tea parties every month. 😉

7. Would you rather be really good at one specific talent or average at a wide variety of talents? Why?

I want to be really good at one specific talent, because that’s what having a spike is about…(I legit cried about not having a strong spike when I was applying to university last year. It still kind of haunts me.) Plus, being a genius in one thing and terrible at other things makes for a great story. 🙂

8. What is your passion in life?

One, Jesus, two, the Bible, three, stories. Also homeschoolers. Recently I discovered I’m mental about promoting homeschooling and helping fellow homeschoolers out. 

9. Do you have any “unusual” talents or hobbies?

Hmm…is it weird I self-host various campaigns starting with Eat Ramen Once a Week © and ending with Learn Alchemy and Canadian history? (War of 1812!!)

Or I guess being a violist is “unusual”. Or fighting in karate tournaments? Or…

This guy needs a proper hobby.

10. Would you rather live in a desert or a snowy region for the rest of your life?

Snowy region. And yes, I’m Canadian, you’re welcome. 

Except, I grew up with the temperate Tokyo climate.

11. Can you think of a movie adaptation that is better than the book?

Oof, I don’t know–why yes, I do know. Feel free to disagree with me all you want, but the Prince Caspian movie totally rocks. I mean, reference the BBC version and you’d know. 

The Nominees:

  1. Jenna Terese
  2. Kenechi Duatron
  3. Writing for Christ
  4. Bella Putt
  5. Emma Starr
  6. Mere Colloquials
  7. Eden
  8. Bree Dawn
  9. Ash Ronnel
  10. Jai Lynn
  11. Julia Witmer

My Questions:

  1. Would you rather be smart or beautiful?
  2. Are you a paper book reader, an e-book reader, or an audiobook reader?
  3. Winter sports or summer sports?
  4. If you could invite a book character for tea, who would you call on? 
  5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in your life? 
  6. Would you rather write an epic or a series of tanka?
  7. If you were a book, what genre would you be?
  8. Train or bus? 
  9. If you had to spend the rest of your life as a car, which car would you be? 
  10. Who is most likely to murder you in your sleep? 
  11. Which author would you write a  love-letter to and why? 

Wow, that was long! Thank you for reading thus far. 

How was your February? What were some highlights of the month? A favourite read? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to chat with you!

20 thoughts on “February Afternoon Tea w/ SJ + The Liebster Award

  1. I love A Series of Unfortunate Events! The show is quite good as well, so I hope you get a chance to watch it 🙂 (Have you read the Unauthorized Autobiography? It does pretty much absolutely nothing to shed light on the questions left at the end of the series, but it’s full of random black and white photos, newspaper articles, and pages from the Zombies in the Snow screenplay and I love it way too much.)
    “Intelligent and bent characters. Or weird ones.” Yessss.
    Homeschoolers unite! (To encourage others to homeschool, naturally.)
    I finished reading Fullmetal Alchemist in February. (…May or may not have read the last three volumes in one day…) So then I was having FEELINGS and had to go draw the characters.
    It was a pleasure to meet the potted plants, and thank you for the tea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t gotten around to Unauthorized Autobiography yet, but I hope to after I finish ASoUE!

      I have a feeling “Intelligent and bent characters. Or weird ones.” kind of speaks to homeschoolers. Or not. Maybe I should re-think my homeschool friend choices again.

      Ooh, Fullmetal Alchemist! I’ve been hearing a lot about it from friends in general, so maybe I should give it a try.

      Thank you for coming to tea! (And yes, potted plants are the cutest!)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked reading this post. I hope you find bunch of awesome bloggers on this blogosphere. 🙂
      And three cheers to weird people!!


  2. Oh. My. Word. That visual arts portfolio thing sounds so stressful! That’s ridiculous!

    I hope your driver’s test goes well! Those are really, really stressful.

    Narnia and Marvel. ❤ I've not seen Anne with an E, but from the gif you put in, Marilla looks practically perfect! I reread most of the Anne books this month, which brought back a bunch of great memories–and reminded me how much I identify with Marilla. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it was stressful…until I dragged out my art history stuffed in folders. XD

      Anne with an E has the perfect casting, but the story takes a darker and liberal turn, so if you like Emily and have an understanding for modern Canadian politics, it’s interesting…I think the best way to do it is watch it as a loose Anne adaptation and not a perfect adaptation.


  3. Well, 13 books is more than I read this month! XD I think I only read maybe 3? But I read 14 or so in January, so that was beyond my average which felt amazing. ^_^

    I hope your driving test goes great! I’m due to renew my permit, but need to get new glasses first. >.>

    Oooh! Enjoy your shiny new idea! ^_^

    I love A Series of Unfortunate Events! I read that series like a decade ago, but my BF is currently reading them for the first time and making me desperately want to reread them. XD

    Narnia FOREVER!!! ❤

    Oooh! I'm a homeschool grad! Homeschoolers unite! *fist-bump*

    I love the Prince Caspian movie!!! ^_^

    My fav read this month was Sorcery of Thorns. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, any books read is an achievement…(which is something I’m trying to convince myself).

      I can technically drive without my glasses but never do. XD

      And yes, the world needs more Snicket, Narnia, and homeschoolers. 😉

      Aak, Margaret Rogerson is my fav. too!! Especially SoT–major Howl’s Moving Castle vibes. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is very true!

        I used to be the same way, but one eye is worse than the other and changed that. XD

        Yes it does! *high-fives*

        SoT was my first Margaret Rogerson book, but I can’t wait to read her other books! ^_^ Eeeep! You got HMC vibes too? I thought it was just me!? That was one of the reasons I loved it so much! I read HMC last year and why did I wait so long to read it? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, why did you wait to read such an awesome book??? XD

        Margaret Rogerson is pretty solid! AEoR is artsy and whimsical, I think more so than SoT. I’m looking forward to reading more from her!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your passions in life and how they can be so purely and totally focused! Do you have any tips on studying the bible and/or keeping a bible journal and/or “dissecting” bible verses? I would love to know how you do it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you 🙂

      For my personal Devo, I start with going through the Bible App’s plans (2-3), then read my chronological Bible through the year (5 chapters/day), and currently for “dissection”, I’m writing out the book of Romans start to finish a few verses a day in a notebook. Then I reflect on what God’s talking to me about the day (and here I usually get a repeating message like forgiveness or loving my siblings), pray on that, and build my schedule around my family’s schedule.

      One thing I’ve found useful is always going into the session with prayer and ext. with it. Also, gaining the background perspective–if it’s originally in Hebrew, I might do a word/context study. I also like reading devotional/nonfiction books by Christian authors and preachers, which is a good way of getting a new perspective.

      I hope this helps!


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