Welcome to the Doms! (WIP + Camp NaNoWriMo update)

Happy (Early) Mother’s Day!

Honestly, there’s so much happening right now that I am so glad I have my mother with me. She’s the most amazing homeschool mom that I know of, and when I grow up, I want to be just like her. (I could write a whole another blog post on this topic.)

Anyhow. Today, I will introduce you to a small aspect of my current WIP, Woodstone Abbey! I’m so excited! *squeals an A#6*

Anna captures my emotions perfectly.

 This was my project for Camp NaNoWriMo, where I wrote the first 50K. But I only got to the end of the introduction, so I’m thinking either I have to make it into a duology or a crazily thick tome. (Currently, I like a tome better. Who wouldn’t like YA fantasy tome?)

Okay, so the thing about the Doms are that they’re a type of dormitory at Woodstone Abbey, which is like a magical school. For those of you who do not know, I usually sort my characters using the MBTI and the Hogwarts housing systemTM. When I was just beginning Woodstone Abbey, I knew that it was going to be a classical artsy-magical school. (The entire magic system is based off the 7 liberal arts.) But I didn’t want to give it a housing system because I thought that would be too similar to Hogwarts. (Plus, the location is in England.) 

Me with all MCs.


I realised that it would be fun to have my own system for sorting out people, but not entirely like the Hogwarts houses. And a good idea is a good idea no matter.

So here is my take on the houses…

Basic Information: 

  1. Each Dom is like its own country. Hence, you must follow their law when entering their properties.
  2. To live at a Dom, you must meet the criteria set by that Dom.
  3. Each Dom has its own currency that can be used across the Abbey.
  4. A member of a Dom must always wear its signet and tie their scarves accordingly.
  5. Each Dom has its own governance. All the Doms’ heads come together to form the Abbey council. 
  6. Sometimes, a Dom may declare war on another Dom. A member in that Dom must observe the Code of War set by the Abbey.
  7. You may transfer from another Dom to the other if you do not fit in. You do this by first retrieving the Exchange item they gave to that Dom when they joined. (The Shoe Oath.)

The Rosemary: 

Known for/Motto: The Beautiful (or, the Lovestruck)…“Beauty is Strength”

Loc: In the South wing near the Greenhouse; entrance via Hessy House

Language: ‘Romar

Currency: 1M=one mary

Politics: Democracy

Signet/Scarf fashion: Earrings/Parisian tie

Tradition & Dish: Spring Fashion & Arts Gallery & Potato-rosemary chiffon cake

To Join: You must love beauty and art; showcase both upon entrance in the mirror at Hessy House

The Dandelions: 

Known for/Motto: The Chivalrous (or, the Brave!)…”Chivalry forever!”

Loc: In the towers of East wing; the only entrance via the  tower windows 

Language: Duvanki

Currency: 1L=one lion

Politics: Monarchy

Signet/Scarf fashion: Badge/Once-around 

Tradition & Dish: May Talent Show & Potato Beer

To Join: You must display bravery; the test is to entre the Dandelion dom via the only entrance up the stairs of east wing towers, and out on the roof of the tower, into the window.

The Sage: 

Known for/Motto: The Wise (or, the Smart!)…”Lovers of wisdom and intelligence”

Loc: In the wall apartment complex around the Abbey + the North Wing towers; entrance unknown

Language: Sofós

Currency: 1S=one sage

Politics: Republic

Signet/Scarf fashion: Watch (pocket or bracelet)/ Graduate or  Drape

Tradition & Dish: The Sagest (A competition of wit & genius) & Potato Pot Pie

To Join: One must display great wisdom and intellect by:

  1. Find the Sage Dom entrance
  2. Answer the Riddle at the entrance (changes every time)
  3. Offer a riddle about oneself to the President and Prime Minister

The Lavender:

Known for/Motto: The Gentle (or, the Mysterious!)…”Lasting Inheritance”

Loc: In the West wing library attics; entrance via the swing elevator

Language: laventeli

Currency: 1D=one der

Politics: Aristocracy

Signet/Scarf fashion: Necklace/ Artist or reverse drape

Tradition & Dish: Firefly tea with storytelling contest & Potato Cream CandyTo Join: There is no requirement but to read a certain book

So that’s the basic gist of Doms. Thanks for reading thus far!

How did you find the Woodstone Abbey Doms? Do you have one in favourite? How do you think it compares to Hogwarts? Let me know in the comments below!

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