Woodstone Abbey

The Go-To Stats:

Status: Draft 1.0

Word Count: 155.7K/ Aiming for 200K

Genre: Dark Academia Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

Feat: 7 Liberal Arts + Magic + Friends like Siblings + Earl Grey Tea

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Story, &c.

Woodstone Abbey is a prestigious institution of the Arts–or magic, as our world calls it. It is located in the World Next Doors, and one can enter it only by divine intervention…

S. J. Barnard

When I was twelve, I failed the entrance exam of a prestigious magical institution, known as Woodstone Abbey to some. This academy, located in the Mirrored world where everything was the same as the world you and I live in but–you guessed it, yes–it had magic. And surprise, we’re stuck in the non-magical side of the mirror, and we have to try extra hard to get into a magical institution. I know, it sounds pretentious. 

But it really wasn’t in our situation.

Woodstone Abbey

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