Marissa Meyer and NaNo (Again) #3

Just had to share that. Courtesy of Pinterest

Aaahhh, I am so much behind my word count! But that’s not the main thing on my mind now. (And I have confidence that I’ll catch up soon enough.)

I got to go to one of the Love & Anarchy tour by the famous Marissa Meyer and Tamara Moss! I still can’t believe this happened. Especially since I was having one of my low days in writing where I start to doubt the love of my life, this event lifted my spirits so much. I was really blessed to have been a part of it.

So my little thought on writing life in general:

When the way is tough

And the end cannot be seen

For kilometres

That’s when we return to where

We have started; we’ve come far.

By Me, once again.

So see you once again next week. Wait, I have Bibliobattle that day. I’ll be sure to come back screaming about wordcounts and how amazing books are.

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