NaNoWriMo Update #2

Okay, before we start, I need to take a deep breath. *Inhales, exhales* There. So as you can probably guess, I have fallen ill and have been falling short on NaNo already. Nobody panic. But there still is hope! We’re still going into second week. Which brings me to mind…

It’s still too early

To give up. So don’t give in

And take up your pen

For we are the brave writers

We’ll persevere and conquer.

By I, the once more brave S. J.

On that note, I shall disapparate and dive into the depths of my unruly WIP. He has forced my hand into restarting the novel twice already.

How come your work, comrades? Is your WIP uncooperative as mine? What are some things you do in such cases? (I really would love to know.)

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