High Aspirations

This is kind of sudden, but I’m the type-A overachiever. I have a problem being a perfectionist, wanting to do every single thing that comes my way to be perfect.

But often enough, I know that nothing can be perfect. Only God is perfect.

So where is this all leading? You might ask. What kind of post is this supposed to mean?

Well, to put it shortly, I’m announcing a break from blogging until October 12th. Why?

Because, I realized that I’m not a super-human being, so I would need the entirity of September up to the first week to prepare for the battle called Scholastic Aptitude Test, otherwise known as SAT. In case I forgot to explain, I’m a senior student. This means that I absolutely cannot flunk this test, despite the fact I live outside the States…I’ve been practically dreaming of the day when I get to go to a university in America.

So as sad as it is, I need this time to focus on the other part of my life. This doesn’t mean I would stop writing or I would quit blogging forever. On the contrary, I have set my new practical goal as a writer to become a 1,000,000 word writer. I shall see you all again after my warefare with college board in a little more than a month.

Good-bye for now, and until I see you again in October!

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