Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)


Word Count: 158 K, Hybernating

Genre: Science Fiction

Audience: Young Adult

Feat: Genius + Intelligence Organisations + Level-System Interface

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1st Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly

Lisa–a genius who wastes her time getting kicked out of schools

Example: “How scintillating that you feel the urge to write before killing me,” Lisa commented, hoping to distract her.

CSO–the spy organization which claims to protect “rights of knowledge and beliefs” that abducts and recruits Lisa (and is probably run by a bunch of religious freaks, in her opinion)

Rika-Keisha–the mysterious science organization led by someone Lisa may or may not know that she wants to work for

Newmind–the program that ultimately destroys everything

2nd Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly

Karl-the annoying cool boy who somehow keeps on following Lisa everywhere she goes Eample: “Then I must disappoint you, Ms Johnson,” Karl flicked out a piece of envelope. “How would you like to take a vacation, say, in a land of words?”

The National Museum of Books-your drop-dead gorgeous museum for books that may or may not be connected to another dimension

RECRUIT-the organization behind it all…or is it?

3rd Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly

Zero-the guy who should have been dead for at least three years (but is not)

CSO-the organization that is still run by bizarre people with a double agenda that may include the world ending

RECRUIT-the organization which was founded by her father and his best friend who happens to be Lisa’s godfather

So yes, this is the brief introduction to my book. Orginially, I was thinking of formatting it into a trilogy, but it fell out of favour when I realized how many trilogies were out there. Hence, I decided to fabricate it into a three-part novel.

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