Juliet the 1100th (Temporary Title)


Word Count: 158 K, Rewriting

Genre: Science Fiction

Audience: Young Adult

Feat: Genius + Intelligence Organisations + Level-System Interface

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1st Set of Analogy and examples of where they are used most commonly

Lisa–a genius who wastes her time getting kicked out of schools

Example: “Alex, flaunting your Latin vocabulary for things like porcupines just shows how facile and two-dimentional you are.”

CSO–Covert System Operatives. Coded by the lives of operatives, love, minds, hope, run by Lisa’s uncles.

Example: 2491The truth will set you free.

Rika-Keisha–the tech company of tomorrow Lisa would kill to intern for

Example: The special article went on to list the company’s achievements–integration of common household with green tech, revolutionising the car industry with practical hydrogen fuel, medical break-throughs in Alzheimer, normalising quantum computing systems, etc., etc.

Newmind–the program that ultimately destroys everything

Example: 2819–We will fix you.

On Thursday, Lisa finally managed to get expelled from Jiyugaoka International School (aka Junkyard of Imbeciles and Simpletons).

[ETT], Juliet the 1100th

Character Collage

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