(Belated) Hitouts Notice Through November…

Hullo, everyone! I am so sorry I have not been able to consistently post through October. Just to give you a rundown of last month, I had to write two really controversial papers in college and slogged through midterms (for the first time in forever). Preptober sort of fell sideways so I’m feeling oddly underprepared for NaNoWriMo, but I’m excited about it! On a side note, I’ve also been re-thinking about how I want this blog to look like…I mean, I love it the way it is & have a lot of ideas stocked up. At the same time, my […]

AH: Bird By Bird

Hullo, world!  It’s been a rainy grey week here in Vancouver, but yesterday we saw some sunshine which was a relief. I got a chance to go out with my wotaku friend, which always cheers me up… But to be honest, this week has been rough. I don’t know why. I cried a lot, stared at a lot of blank screens, skipped more meals than I should, and have overall been in a tough place. (Not to mention I didn’t post last week. I do so apologise about it!!) Insert Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  A book that’s been […]


The Go-To Stats: Status: Draft 0.5 Word Count: 49K/Aiming for 50K+ Genre: Dystopian Audience: YA Feat: Childhood friends, Virus, Showa-vibes THE STORY THE EX-FELDWEBELWhen Ayano Watase hands in her resignation letter to the Osthauptstadt militia, she’s not expecting to go back to normal. After all, she’d lived through hell and back as she climbed the ranks of a sweep squad commander battling the Fever with her childhood friend, Souta. Nothing could change that.Yet what she finds at the park apartments of Torberg where her cousin-once-removed lives change everything she thought about the Fever. About the world.THE HAUPTFELDWEBELSouta Nonomiya’s life seemingly continues […]

September Afternoon Tea with SJ

Good afternoon to you! It’s already that time of the month where I info-dump my September with you generally served with too many cups of tea than needed. Do forgive me for not posting last week…if you were one of those people waiting for an SJ post to pop up last Saturday *insert plot twist* and it didn’t, I really do apologise for it. University has officially claimed my life, but I’ll get into more of that later.  -September Afternoon Tea ‘21 Setting- Location: Vegan café Tea: Matcha tea latte, Chai tea latte, Ginger tea latte Offered with: Taiyaki, Belgium […]

United We Fall Review & Email List Update

Hullo, world! I got through my first week of uni & although I’m already getting the anti-Christian vibes in one of my classes already, most of my profs & classmates are really nice and I’m super hyped about it!  Today, I have an exciting announcement to make…United We Fall, Bk 2 of How We Rise by Brooke Riley is coming out in 3 days!! Whoo!!! I was very privileged to ARC read her book, and here’s my review below… United We Fall Rating: 4/5 stars, PG13 Content: Violence, Romance, government control, thematic elements, some language What is truth? What are […]

AH: How to Regain Your Love (& Motivation) to Write Again

Hullo, world! It’s so hard to believe, but my first week at my university has ended. In this week, I got to go on campus tours, attend workshops & practise lectures/seminars as well as meeting so many new people. And although I’m kind of tired after the fact, it has been such a blessing being a part of this. I can’t thank everyone who was a part of this experience enough.  Now, it’s my favourite day of the week–Saturday! I honestly don’t know why, but Saturdays fill me with joy whether or not I get to write (or blog) simply […]


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