2022 Goals & Aspirations

Hullo, world! (And Happy belated New Year!) As you might already know, I’m the kind of person who generally enjoys goal-setting. *tries to hide my stack of journals and planners in a closet* Last year, I did a similar thing where I shared a bit about my goal-setting process. Reading back, I do have to admit I still follow a somewhat rigorous goal-setting method, but I’m learning to simplify more. If last year taught me anything, it’s the need to focus on the heart of things, not the result.  So for this year, I’m going to take a step back, […]

December Afternoon Tea with SJ 2021 Review

Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas, everyone! We are actually having a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year!!! It’s been raining/sleeting/snowing on and off, which means we had many false starts, but the snow stayed, and I can’t contain my joy. ( ᐢ˙꒳​˙ᐢ ) And, I can hardly believe it’s Christmas, let alone the year 2021 is ending…Where did all the time go?? *incessant flipping of my journal* But without further ado, let me present to you today’s tea! -December Afternoon Tea ‘21 Setting- Location: living room with a roaring fireplace & twinkling Christmas tree Tea: Elderflower blackberry, cream of earl grey, lavender-rose […]

Cathedral Book Review

Hullo, world! It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Vancouver with a ray of unusual sunshine and rain (I know, that never seems to go away). I got my second cup of Caramel Brûlé latte of the season, the malls are playing “White Christmas”, and it snowed (!) one day, so life has been fantastic. (Okay, near fantastic if you forget the fact there’s a final exam on a Sunday morning which I still haven’t reconciled with.) And so, on such a perfect day, it’s only fitting that I introduce to you my favourite author and blogger–Maya Joelle! Cathedral Cathedral is […]

AH: The Art of Slow Writing

Hullo, world! It feels like such a long time ago since I typed those words, it’s honestly making me feel elated and despondent all at the same time. Well, I’m officially back from my hitouts and hope to stay back, so thank you for being patient with me! Some highlights (?) since I was gone: I did not win NaNoWriMo…I wrote a grand totalé of 8,848 words. Some of them were hand-written, some of them were typed.  I’m almost done with the first term of uni! I have a final exam coming up, except it’s quite sacrilegiously on a Sunday […]

(Belated) Hitouts Notice Through November…

Hullo, everyone! I am so sorry I have not been able to consistently post through October. Just to give you a rundown of last month, I had to write two really controversial papers in college and slogged through midterms (for the first time in forever). Preptober sort of fell sideways so I’m feeling oddly underprepared for NaNoWriMo, but I’m excited about it! On a side note, I’ve also been re-thinking about how I want this blog to look like…I mean, I love it the way it is & have a lot of ideas stocked up. At the same time, my […]

AH: Bird By Bird

Hullo, world!  It’s been a rainy grey week here in Vancouver, but yesterday we saw some sunshine which was a relief. I got a chance to go out with my wotaku friend, which always cheers me up… But to be honest, this week has been rough. I don’t know why. I cried a lot, stared at a lot of blank screens, skipped more meals than I should, and have overall been in a tough place. (Not to mention I didn’t post last week. I do so apologise about it!!) Insert Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  A book that’s been […]


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